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Exploring Issues

Best Electronic Reference Resource (Database or eBook)
Winner: Exploring Issues (ReferencePoint Press)

“The online database resource Exploring Issues from ReferencePoint Digital allows students to easily research a variety of topics in an easy-to-navigate, resourceful, and engaging platform. This valuable resource is very affordable for schools, which allows students, teachers, and librarians to enhance their online resource collection and increases access to reputable, timely information. . . . The fresh approach and layout of this resource makes this an outstanding resource for students, teachers, and librarians.”
Angela Wojtecki, Nordonia Hills City Schools, OH

School Library Connection and American Reference Books Annual, SLC/ARBA Best of Reference Award (2017)

Exploring Issues

“In this era of ‘alternate facts’ and ‘fake news,’ how does an educator go about teaching students to think critically and perform factual research? A superb resource is the Exploring Issues website published by ReferencePoint Press. Winner of the 2017 BESSIES for Critical Thinking in both the Middle School and High School categories, Exploring Issues is a powerful tool designed to engage students while teaching strong critical thinking skills.

ComputED Gazette, 23rd Annual Best Educational Software Awards (2017)

Exploring Issues

“This is an exemplary resource for serious, sophisticated students. It takes a reasoned, balanced, nonjudgmental approach, supported by facts and figures, to topics much in the news. Researchers will find much substantive material on which to base written and/or debate assignments, yet the information is manageable and student friendly, using calm, straightforward prose to convey often difficult subject matter.”

School Library Journal, February 1, 2017

Donald Trump: 45th US President

“...Reston's balanced take is the most serious and comprehensive yet....let's face it—your library needs this, and now.”

Booklist,  April 15, 2017

Teen Mental Health

“This series would be a welcome addition to any library serving teenagers, and should be a must read for high school counselors and others working with teenagers.

School Library Connection,  April 1, 2017

High-Tech Careers

“The series overall would be a great resource for those interested in pursuing high-tech careers. It provides a wealth of practical information in several fields.”

VOYA,  April 1, 2017

Finding a Career

“This is an excellent series for any middle or high school student to begin to explore career options.... I think this series will be mostly used in the high school, but I highly recommend it for junior high libraries as well.
Highly Recommended

School Library Connection,  March 1, 2017

Cutting Edge Technology

“With its fact-filled, evenhanded analyses of state-of-the-art technologies, these well-written titles covers a wide range of appealing innovations that readers will find of interest…. Intriguing information and thorough research make this series an outstanding choice for most library collections.”

School Library Journal,  November 2016


Forgotten Youth

“Each volume provides ample background and context, featuring personal accounts, examples, and judiciously chosen quotes that make the content accessible and relevant. . . . Each slim volume packs a punch, and the concentration on young populations fills a research need. . . . Recommended

School Library Connection, January 1, 2016

The Future of Technology

“The information is detailed and highly informative for students in middle through high school…. Highly Recommended”

School Library Connection, November 1, 2016

Issues in Society

“This is a good series to support student interest and provide reference material on timely social issue. . . . Recommended

School Library Connection,  January 1, 2017