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Cutting Edge Technology

“With its fact-filled, evenhanded analyses of state-of-the-art technologies, these well-written titles covers a wide range of appealing innovations that readers will find of interest…. Intriguing information and thorough research make this series an outstanding choice for most library collections.”

School Library Journal,  November 2016


Forgotten Youth

“Each volume provides ample background and context, featuring personal accounts, examples, and judiciously chosen quotes that make the content accessible and relevant. . . . Each slim volume packs a punch, and the concentration on young populations fills a research need. . . . Recommended

School Library Connection, January 1, 2016

The Future of Technology

“The information is detailed and highly informative for students in middle through high school…. Highly Recommended/strong>”

School Library Connection, November 1, 2016

Teen Guide to Finances

“These are terrific additions to any school library.”

School Library Connection,  November 2016

Issues in Society

“This is a good series to support student interest and provide reference material on timely social issue. . . . Recommended

School Library Connection,  January 1, 2017

Library of Greek Mythology

“With numbered source notes for each chapter and a nicely annotated set of suggestions for further reading and websites, these are scholarly discussions useful for homework purposes or deeper study by serious readers of mythology. . . . Deeply informative yet interesting selections for students of mythology. Recommended.

School Library Journal, November 2016