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Privacy in the Online World

“Students and educators will find this series relevant and current....Educators will find the series a valuable resource for an information literacy curriculum. This is an excellent source for a high school library.”

Library Media Connection, June 2015

Compact Research: Addictions

“This well-organized, informative textbooklike set presents information about five common types of addiction and asks readers to examine sources, analyze data, and come to conclusions about the seriousness of the addictions discussed and how they impact peoples’ lives and relationships. Well-chosen quotes from primary sources are presented, as well as cited research, graphs, tables, and data charts. This particular series will be valuable to students doing research...”

School Library Journal, April 2015

The Library of Medieval Times

“A colorful, infographic-style timeline precedes each introduction and immediately draws the reader’s attention. Each volume has a wide variety of information which will pique the interest of students. Each book is well-researched, citing many peer-reviewed sources, making these books ideal for research. Insets featuring highlighted topics or words in context break up the text and enhance readability. The illustrations, photographs of artifacts, and medieval artwork bring the era to life. With the same format, moving from one book to the next will be seamless. This series will not disappoint casual readers or researchers looking for quality information about Medieval times”

Library Media Connections, March 2015

The Former Soviet Union: Then and Now

“A five-book series on the former Soviet Union, these brief but balanced volumes contain enough information for an introduction to the subject, though only enough to supplement in a survey course, or serve as enough information to whet the appetite of students who may want to delve further into the topics. Each volume is colorful and eye-catching, continuing the yellow and red color scheme of the covers, each of which includes a map of the area being discussed, and the first page of each chapter mirrors the cover colors....this series deserves a place in all secondary school collections.”

Voya, February 2015

Cell Phones & Society

“Cell phones have become so pervasive; this timely series deals with several aspects of them in today’s society....This is an extremely balanced, well-written series on a very timely and important topic.”

Library Media Connection, March 2015