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**BOOKLIST TOP 10 Series Nonfiction**

Contemporary Cartoon Creators 

“Finally, a biography series about people who really matter to kids—cartoon animators....They're scholarly enough for serious biography studies yet plenty of fun for leisurely readers.”

Booklist, December 15, 2015

Cause & Effect in History

“An exemplary series, the analysis of milieu and the causes of essential global movements introduces young readers to a more thorough understanding of history than simple regurgitation of people and dates.”

VOYA,  April 1, 2016


Influential Women

“This fascinating series for confident older readers is a boon for report writers with its fact-filled, even-handed analyses of these history-making women’s lives and accomplishments.”

“VERDICT Highly recommended for middle school collections.”

School Library Journal, April 1, 2016

Military Careers

“VERDICT These well-written overviews, although short on visuals, are excellent resources for the numerous career possibilities the military has to offer.”

School Library Journal, April 1, 2016

Technology Titans: Elon Musk and Tesla, Jeff Bezos and Amazon, Reed Hastings and Netflix

“These three volumes would each be a strong addition to a biography, science, or business collection. ”

VOYA,  August 1, 2016

Understanding the Holocaust

“Skillfully blending narrative and well-documented primary sources, these books provide superior coverage about the Holocaust. The high level of detail goes well beyond the standard, often-sensationalized recitation of evil leaders, methods and numbers killed.... An excellent addition to collections serving upper middle and high school students.”

School Library Journal, November 1, 2015