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Cause and Effect in History: The Fall of Rome

Cause & Effect: The Fall of Rome 

Price: $41.27
S&L Price: $32.95
ISBN: 978-1-60152-794-3
Format: Hardcover
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Author: Don Nardo
Publication Date: 2015
Number of Pages: 80
Dewey Code: 937/.09
Interest Grade Level: 6-12
Reading Grade Level: 6-12

The fall of the western Roman Empire marked the close of ancient times and set Europe on the path it would take through the medieval era and on into modern times. Through thoughtful narrative, supported by fully documented quotes, this title begins with A Brief History of Romes Fall and then examines these questions: Did the Barbarian Invasions Cause Romes Fall? Did Internal Disunities Fatally Weaken Rome? Did Economic and Military Factors Destroy Rome ? Which Aspects of Rome Survived to Become Its Legacy?