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Monsters and Mythical Creatures: Demons


Price: $38.60
S&L Price: $30.95
ISBN: 978-1-60152-147-7
Format: Hardcover
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Author: Kris Hirschmann
Publication Date: 2011
Number of Pages: 80
Dewey Code: 133.4
Interest Grade Level: 7-12

Powerful, nasty, and sometimes even deadly, demons are the very face of evil. Stories of these beingsÃ-and the terror and ruin they inevitably bring-Ãhave existed in nearly all eras and all cultures. Despite these cautionary tales, some people seek contact with demons out of curiosity or a desire for personal gain. Others claim to have been victimized or even possessed by demons through no fault of their own. It seems that demonic encounters-Ãor at least the idea of them-Ãare just as common today as they were in ages long past.