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New August 2018

Careers in Engineering (New Series)

Changing Families (New Series)

Debating History (New Series)

Discrimination in Society (New Series)

Diseases and Disorders of Youth (New Series)

How Science Changed the World (New Series)

Living with Disorders and Disabilities (New Series)

The Push for Social Change (New Series)

STEM Careers(New Series)

Technology's Impact(New Series)

Teen Health and Safety (New Series)

Threats to Civil Liberties (New Series)

Understanding World Religions (New Series)

New Single Titles

Thinking Critically (New Titles)

New January 2018

Next-Generation Medical Technology (New Series)

The Science of Renewable Energy (New Series)

New Single Title

Exploring Careers (New Titles)

Growing Up Around the World (New Titles)

Thinking Critically (New Titles)