Compact Research: Current Issues Reviews

World Energy Crisis: ISBN 978-1-60152-011-1 / eBook: 978-1-60152-296-2
Gun Control: ISBN 978-1-60152-010-4
School Library Journal, May 2007

Gr 8 Up These books are intended to allow one-stop shopping for researchers by providing an overview, primary and secondary information, and charts and graphs on a contemporary topic. World Energy Crisis covers the diminishing quantity of available oil, nuclear power, and renewable energy sources. It discusses the current problems of energy use and supply without any mention of global warming or the green-house effect. In Gun Control, the discussion includes subjects such as youth violence, the Second Amendment, and bans on assault weapons. Both volumes include the names of key people and advocacy groups, a timetable showing the development of the issues, and additional re-sources. The colorful charts are sometimes difficult to understand and no explanatory text is provided. Although both sides of controversial issues are given, often the very short quotations provided as primary-source material are taken out of context and may not give readers enough information. The "Opposing Viewpoints" series (Gale) gives readers a fuller understanding of these topics, although Kallen's and Milite's books could be used to supplement more thorough explorations of the subject because of their additional statistical information.
—Eva Elisabeth VonAncken, Trinity-Pawling School, Pawling, NY