Teen Guide to Mental Health Reviews

Teen Guide to Mental Health Reviews: ISBN 978-1-68282-753-6 / eBook: 978-1-68282-754-3
School Library Connection, January/February 2020

This reference book is for those people who are working closely with teenagers and want to better understand the reasons behind certain decisions they make. This includes examples witnessed by adults of teen behavior and provides research to explain why teens say and do these things. Using this information will help, for example, adult educators and counselors understand the thinking of teens and how to talk with them about the choices they are making. To that end, health teachers might want to create a unit on mental health for the students in their classes using the resources in the book, while guidance counselors could use this information to help students in a one-on-one setting. This title will enable adults to empathize with teens' experiences and base their advice on concrete knowledge and examples. The introduction to the book describes stresses that many of today's teenagers face in school and at home, and allows educators to reacquaint themselves with the teenaged years from various helpful perspectives. The five chapters of the book focus on "Balancing Home and School," "Friendship and Dating," "Healthy and Unhealthy Body Image," "Major Life Transitions," and "Signs of Trouble." Citing research and using solid examples, each of the chapters thoroughly describes the issues as they relate to teens so adults are better equipped to comprehend the teenaged mindset. The chapters include some ways to help teens with the various issues described in the text. Lists for further research and organizations to contact are useful additions. At the end of the book is notes and sources, which is where the reader will find the information cited in the text, and an index that makes locating specific information easy.
Janet Luch, Educational Reviewer, Adjunct Instructor SUNY New Paltz, Touro College, University of Phoenix Online, Visiting Professor DeVry University