The Risks of Social Media Reviews

Social Media Addiction: ISBN 978-1-68282-851-9 / eBook: 978-1-68282-852-6
Social Media Deception : ISBN 978-1-68282-853-3 / eBook: 978-1-68282-854-0
Social Media Hate Speech: ISBN 978-1-68282-855-7 / eBook: 978-1-68282-856-4
Social Media Shaming and Bullying : ISBN 978-1-68282-857-1 / eBook: 978-1-68282-858-8
School Library Journal, November 1, 2020

Gr 6 Up—This series provides valuable information for report writers. Social Media Shaming and Bullying explains the nuanced consequences of calling people out on social media. While people can agree that cyberbullying is dangerous and unacceptable, naming and shaming people and companies on social media for their problematic behavior can be useful for organizers and social justice advocates. Hate Speech describes the benefits and downsides of social media; it allows like-minded people to find one another, but it also gives hateful individuals a platform to share their toxic opinions. Deception is especially timely in the ”post-truth“ era, with scams, catfishing, hoaxes, and fake news all put in the spotlight. Some titles feature outdated apps: One case study in Shaming and Bullying discusses, but that app no longer exists, having merged into TikTok in 2018. VERDICT This series is bound to be outdated as technology advances, but it is important nonetheless.