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Science, Technology, and Society - 5 eBooks

Series Description:

Advances in science and technology undeniably bring about societal change. Gene therapy, for instance, has the potential to revolutionize medicine and the treatment of debilitating illnesses, but it also carries significant risks. The Science, Technology, and Society series examines scientific and technological advances in the context of their impact on society. Topics covered in the series include gene therapy, the Internet, renewable energy, robotics, and mobile devices. Each book explores how and why this science or technology came about; how it has influenced or shaped daily life and culture; efforts to guide or control the technology through laws and policies; and what the next generation of this technology might look like. Discussion questions encourage conversation and debate. Fully documented quotes enliven the narrative and add to the usefulness of the series as a tool for student researchers.

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Series Specifications:

• interest level: grades 5–12 • 80 pages • Multi-user; 24/7 access • works on any device with Internet access • Visual chronology • index • full-color photos and diagrams • sidebars and key vocabulary words • bibliography, organizations, and websites

Item Number: s36e
S&L Price: $209.75