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Deadliest Predators- 1 Hardcover Books

Series Description:

Teeth, claws, power, speed, venom, and an acute sense of hearing or sight-these are some of the characteristics that the world's deadliest predators rely on for their survival. Each volume in the Deadliest Predators series focuses on one group of animals (sharks, snakes, spiders, etc.) and then profiles six creatures within that group. How they hunt, what they eat, where they live, and the essential role they play in maintaining nature's balance are all vividly and accurately detailed. Sidebars; large, full-color photographs; and a glossary add depth and interest to each book in the series. PLEASE NOTE: Deadliest Spiders is the only remainging book in this series that is in print as a hardcover. The others are out of print and only available as eBooks.

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Series Specifications:

• interest level: grades 5–12 • 80 pages • 6.5 x 9.25 • reinforced library binding • full-color photos • sidebars • source notes• bibliography

Item Number: s46
Price: $43.93
S&L Price: $32.95

Deadliest Predators: Deadliest Snakes
Deadliest Snakes 
Price: $41.27
S&L Price: $32.95
Deadliest Snakes
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