Extraterrestrial Life Reviews

Are Extraterrestrials a Threat to Humankind?: ISBN 978-1-60152-170-5 / eBook: 978-1-60152-381-5
The Search for Extraterrestrial Life: ISBN 978-1-60152-171-2 / eBook: 978-1-60152-382-2
Aliens in Pop Culture: ISBN 978-1-60152-154-5 / eBook: 978-1-60152-365-5
UFOs: ISBN 978-1-60152-172-9 / eBook: 978-1-60152-351-8
School Library Journal, November 2011

Gr 7 Up Students will find plenty of material in this thorough and interesting series. Speculative in nature, each book poses common questions about aliens and attempts to provide answers by drawing information from the fields of entertainment, science, and philosophy. Some dry chapters are loaded with statistics and scientific facts, and others, like those focusing on alien encounters, are downright creepy. These books are text heavy, with only occasional glossy images, and sidebars provide fun facts or insight into specific events or organizations. Extensive back matter makes these books great for report writers and those truly interested in the possibility of alien life.

Are Extraterrestrials a Threat to Humankind?: ISBN 978-1-60152-170-5 / eBook: 978-1-60152-381-5

Booklist, October, 1, 2011 It's hard to make life on other planets seem boring, and this title in the Extraterrestrial Life series certainly captures the subject's inherent allure, while maintaining a serious, rather than a sensationalistic, tone. Kids expecting hair-raising stories about green men from Mars will instead learn about the compounds necessary for life and their availability on other planets, the microbial threat of extraterrestrial life, and communication with other life forms. The solid text also includes theories about what (and who) might be out there, from writers such as Carl Sagan and Issac Asimov, along with details about SETI, the program that tries to communicate with extraterrestrial life. Interesting sidebars are a great addition (an excerpt from an article asks if SETI communications should be more pithy, like Twitter messages), and the book's computer-generated illustrations do take advantage of its subject with a couple of images of scary ETs. The title's focus on whether aliens are a threat will draw kids in. This well-sourced volume closes with a glossary and list of websites and suggested books.