The COVID-19 Pandemic: The World Turned Upside Down Reviews

The COVID-19 Pandemic: The World Turned Upside Down: ISBN 978-1-6782-0018-3 / eBook: 978-1-6782-0019-0
Booklist, October 1, 2020

This resource covers the COVID-19 pandemic, from the first reported case in Wuhan, China, in December 2019, to its rapid spread in 2020 around the world focusing mainly on its effects on people in the United States. Life during lockdown is described—panic buying, popularity of grocery delivery services, explosion of streaming services, and cancellation of sporting and theater events. Young people reveal what school activities they missed out on during lockdown. Covers lockdown protests, widespread unemployment, challenges essential workers faced, and struggles health care workers had in obtaining adequate PPE. People working from home are interviewed and students recount remote learning difficulties they experienced after schools closed. Criticism of President Trump’s slow response to the pandemic is mentioned as is the research into treatment and a vaccine for COVID-19. Statistics quoted here are from the end of May 2020, before the pandemic was over. Its usefulness is in its descriptions of how Americans adapted during the initial lockdown. With color photos, source notes, organizations and websites, further reading (all adult books), index.
— Sharon Rawlins