Homeless: Youth Living on the Streets Reviews

Homeless: Youth Living on the Streets: ISBN 978-1-6782-0082-4 / eBook: 978-1-6782-0083-1
School Library Journal, January 1, 2022

Gr 7 Up—This detailed look at the youth homeless crisis is broken up into five chapters, each with its own in-depth focus. The topics covered include causes and consequences of homelessness, as well as how young people bounce back from homelessness. The book is filled with statistics and facts that are paired with the personal stories of those who have experienced homelessness as young adults. Many stereotypes are cleared up, and statistics are used to disprove them. Though the book also uses the term homeless youth, a sidebar provides extra information on how language is used to stigmatize teens who are homeless. These insets also dive into the importance of person-first language but explain that these terms are only just catching on. The work features source notes, a list of relevant organizations, websites for further research, an index, and picture credits. VERDICT A worthy purchase for reference collections where current events research is a regular part of the curriculum.
—Molly Dettmann