Developing Digital Media and Literacy Skills Reviews

Digital Literacy: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?: ISBN: 978-1-6782-0534-8 / eBook: 978-1-6782-0535-5
Recognizing Media Bias and Disinformation: ISBN: 978-1-6782-0536-2 / eBook: 978-1-6782-0537-9
Social Media and the News: ISBN: 978-1-6782-0538-6 / eBook: 978-1-6782-0539-3
Spotting Online Scams and Fraud: ISBN: 978-1-6782-0540-9 / eBook: 978-1-6782-0541-6
Booklist, November 1, 2023

Since an abundance of information and news is spread online, the Developing Digital Media and Literacy Skills series is an important resource for those looking to identify credible sources and stay safe while doing so. In Digital Literacy, readers learn about the importance of media and how to distinguish between fake news and well-researched content. Recognizing Media Bias and Disinformation defines important terms and explains how to recognize factual, balanced content versus information provided by those who aren't well versed on the topic or who are reporting with an agenda. Social Media and the News discusses how social media and apps have changed the way we see and understand the news, as well as how citizen journalism is bigger than ever. Lastly, Spotting Online Scams and Fraud educates readers on avoiding malicious tactics that put one's private information and finances at risk. These well researched, nicely organized books icorporate colorful images, clear definitions, and understandable text on topics relevant to modern readers, who will benefit from understanding the changing landscape of media and jouranlism as wel as its global importance.
—Aurora Dominguez