BrightPoint Press: Mysterious and Creepy Reviews

Zombies: ISBN 978-1-6782-0212-5/ eBook: 978-1-6782-0213-2
Booklist, OCtober 1, 2021

Through short, simple sentences engineered to entice reluctant readers, this high-interest volume in the Mysterious and Creepy series (5 titles) introduces zombies in mythology, pop culture, and science. Concise chapters explore how the legend of this undead monster may have originated as early as the sixteenth century from Haiti's Vodou religion before focusing on its popularization in more modern-day monster movies and TV shows. Special attention is given to George A. Romero's 1968 Night of the Living Dead and its influence on today's media, and the text explores how zombie films often reflect social fears. And while it's emphasized that these monsters are fictional, a chapter on zombie-like creatures (e.g., the zombie ant fungus) in nature adds an intriguing real-world layer. Serviceable stock images and a list of additional print and online resources round out this well-sourced guide to an ever-popular monster.
— Maggie Reagan