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The Push for Social Change - 4 eBooks

Series Description:

Social change can occur slowly and quietly, but it is often the result of large numbers of people mobilizing for the purpose of bringing about change. The Push for Social Change series explores how and why social change occurs and what impact major movements have had on peoples lives. All books examine the events that led to particular social change movements, what those movements did, how and why they did it, and the short-term and long-term impact of those movements. Quotes from people on all sides of these events add insight and interest to the discussion.

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Series Specifications:

• interest level: grades 6–12 • 80 pages • Multi-user • 24/7 access • Works on any device with Internet access • full-color photos • sidebars • margin quotes • visual chronology • for further research section • source notes • index

Item Number: s75e
S&L Price: $173.16