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The Terrestrial Planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars

The Terrestrial Planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars 

Price: $43.93
S&L Price: $32.95
ISBN: 978-1-6782-0412-9
Format: Hardcover
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Author: Meg Thacher
Publication Date: 2023
Number of Pages: 64
Dewey Code: 523.4
Lexile: 740L
Interest Grade Level: 6-12
Reading Grade Level: 3-4

The rocky bodies of the inner solar system are diverse worlds. Tiny Mercury lies close to the bright, hot sun. Venus is covered in thick clouds that rain acid. Earth is lush and home to life. And Mars, while distant and cold, could be humanity's next destination in space. The Terrestrial Planets introduces readers to these places and explains how people are exploring them today.