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Monsters and Mythical Creatures: The Werewolf

The Werewolf - eBook 

S&L Price: $43.29
ISBN: 978-1-60152-239-9
Format: eBook
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Author: Kris Hirschmann
Publication Date: 2012
Number of Pages: 80
Dewey Code: 398.24
Interest Grade Level: 6-12
Reading Grade Level: 6-12

Werewolves are part human, part wolf, and all awful. This book examines these legendary creatures in frightening detail, describing their bodies, their behavior, and their monstrous transformations. It also goes snout to snout with some of history's most infamous real-life werewolves and discusses the many books and films these encounters have inspired. These fictional portrayals, along with the werewolf's countless contributions to popular culture, are proof "positive" of this ancient monster's modern appeal.